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My Work

The purpose of my work is to construct a new international legal order that is stable, regenerative, and beneficial to all human kin. This will be accomplished by restructuring society as a partnership of citizens with a co-operative social contract based on human needs and rights. An introduction to these ideas can be found in my papers "Law as an Emergent Natural Phenomenon" and "Restructuring Society as a Partnership of Citizens".

Polymath Philosopher

Solving complex problems effectively requires a holistic approach which takes into consideration all the major disciplines of thought.

Humanity-Centered Designer

The design of solutions must be centered around all human kin so that the solutions benefit all human kin.

Co-operative Entrepreneur

The implementation of solutions is an extension of the design process. Thus, the implementation is also  humanity centered.

Solving the Puzzle

We can think of society as a network of individuals, an interconnected web of unique people who have their own unique experiences and perspectives, and who interact with one another and their immediate environment. Our goal is to find the optimal way in which we can maximize individual freedom while, at the same time, guarantee the provision of all needs so that we can maximize both the well being of everyone and their opportunity to achieve their full potential.

When each individual interacts with another and with their environment, they produce an effect on others which ripple through society. We can thus think of society as a Rubik's cube puzzle where each individual is like one of the sides of the puzzle. Interactions between people are like rotations of the cube. The puzzle thus have billions of sides, which in the network are represented as nodes. Complicating it further, due to the sheer size of the network, changes are local rather than universal, so it takes time for changes in one node to affect all others, and closer nodes tend to have a far more significant effect than farther ones. Nodes of the network also have different levels of influence in the network. In order to solve such puzzle, we need a way to facilitate interactions between the nodes. Conceptually speaking, the problem is very complex and requires a wide range of knowledge in complexity theory, systems theory, network theory, game theory, and numerous disciplines such as psychology, politics, economics, and law.

Despite the complexity of the problem, it all comes down to organizing ourselves through communication systems that are democratically owned and controlled by all of us. The internet already gives us the means to communicate with one another more effectively. All that we need to do right now is to design and build the systems and the structures that we need to govern ourselves.

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