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Only All Your Rights and Freedoms

Special Offer

Special Offer!

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Harperland Edition
Now with 85% less rights and freedoms!


No Stop Harper collection is complete without a mugshot!
Harper Tape
Perfect for scientists and anyone who speaks the truth. Nothing more Canadian than ductape, now totalitarian government edition!
Perfect for cooking up the books! Guaranteed to create cosmetic surpluses.
Harper Phone
It distorts the truth into lies on the fly!
It automatically robocalls the whole country. It comes with a camera to spy on you!
Divisive Distraction
Now you can join on the fearmongering xenophobic fun too!
Legislation Paper
Ideal for writing legislation. Now omnibus size!
Magical Broom
Specially designed to quickly sweep the dirt below the magical carpet!
Harper Mop
It magically soaks up all the oil and tears spilled across Canada!
Harper Wallet
Complete with a magical Duffy checkbook, your money and special election time bribery compartment for voters. Watch out!
Harper Puppet
Made with 50% oil, 50% Republican money

Warning: contains toxic politics. Keep away from children, women, first nations, Muslims, disabled people and any other marginalized group.
Harper Closet
Complete with skeletons and a blanky for scary times.
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Disclaimer: This is not a real store. Products are purely ficticious and, clearly, the creation of some mad genious.

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