What I Do

I'm an Universal Interaction Scientist, Designer and Consultant. My work spans a large variety of subjects and seeks to unify them through consistent universal norms. I developed a higher form of science that is required to develop integrated systems that can lead our species to a higher level of consciousness and evolution.


I specialize in universal systems, that is, not only information systems but every system in the universe. For that purpose, I have developed an Universal Interaction Science, an unified scientific model that works with any existing system in the universe. By understanding the universe in terms of a collection of interconnected systems that operate under the same underlying rules, I was able to create an universal scientific language, which allows us to understand the underlying connections between different sciences.


As a consultant, I help organizations manifest their vision and reach their goals by reducing waste of money, time and energy, maximizing the efficiency of their systems and optimizing their organizational model as a whole. I do this by analyzing their systems, financial statements and organization's actions and plans, designing integrated organization systems and developing integrated plans and strategies.

Practice Areas
  • Business Plans

  • Business Systems

  • Business Strategy

  • Interaction Design

  • Research and Development

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Philosophy

  • Government Policy Analysis

  • Writing