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Solving the Dark Energy Mystery

Gravity and Dark Energy are the Same Thing

Since Einstein, we have defined gravity as a warping of the space-time continuum caused by large concentrations of matter. We have also found out that the speed of time depends on the position of an observer relative to the largest “source” of gravity. In our case, the largest source is the Earth. When we measure the speed of time on the surface and compare it with the speed of time at high altitudes, we see that time passes faster at higher altitudes. Our perception of time is mostly regulated by the gravitational dilation of the surface of the Earth. That is the position which we occupy in relation to the rest of the universe. Gravitational time dilation applies to the entire universe. Just like time passes slower on the surface of the planet relative to at large altitudes, so does time pass faster farther away from us in the whole universe. In the case of Earth, that temporal difference between the core of the source of gravity and the surface is small. The mass of the Earth is not that great. But with the universe, the core of the universe is the singularity which contains all the universe. Thus, the source of “gravity” is far greater, and the temporal dilation is very significant. This is why we see an acceleration of the rate of expansion of the universe. The “dark energy” that we perceive is just that expansion of time.

Gravity is not a collapsing force, it is an expanding force. Every point in the universe traces back to the singularity at the center of the universe, the point from which the universe “came from”. The universe emerges from every point, and the manifestation of that is gravity. We are not falling towards the Earth, the Earth is expanding because the universe is expanding. The Earth exists as an infinitesimal point within the singularity which is the universe. From that point, its 4-dimensional existence is expressed as an expansion from the center to the periphery. That expansion is perceived as gravity. We are not moving towards the center of the planet, the center of the planet is expanding slower in relation to the surface. The difference is so small that it looks static from our perspective. But the ground always catches up to us because our mass is too small and upwards velocity is too slow to escape the gravity of the Earth, which is much larger. If we jump up, we are, in a sense, “jumping” towards the future just like the universe is expanding towards the future, it is just that the rate of time dilation is so insignificant that we can’t measure it at all. We don’t move back down to Earth, the Earth moves towards us as it expands.

The universe emerges continuously from every point in the universe. The center of the universe is everywhere in relation to the surface. We live on the surface of the universe. The Earth itself continuously emerges from the singularity, like a movie that is composed of fast succeeding still frames, except the frames of a movie exist in 2 dimensions, while the frames of our universe exists in 3 (there are also 4-dimensional frames of the universe and each object within it, creating the larger probabilistic 5-dimensional structure of the universe).

It is time that "expands", not space. From our 3-dimensional point of view, the universe never expands. The size of planets don’t change 3-dimensionally, they change 4-dimensionally. Just like when we grow, when we are kids, we expand as time goes on. Eventually, we reach a point where we stop expanding 3-dimensionally in relation to the universe around us, but we continue to expand 4-dimensionally, as time goes by. When we grow as kids, we expand 3-dimensionally and 4-dimensionally with the universe, but as we get older, we stop growing 3-dimensionally but continue to grow 4-dimensionally. We thus expand towards the future, and that expansion is what we perceive as time. The farther we are from our point of origin, our “center”, the faster time appears to pass relative to the center, just like what we observe with Earth and just as we observe with the universe. Time appears to accelerate the farther you go into the “future”.

Thus, the concept of gravity is flawed. There is no force that attracts objects towards more massive ones. Instead, each object in the universe can be traced back to the “big bang”, which can be understood as the point of origin of everything in the universe. Everything “expands” into existence at all “times” from that point. This “expansion” is perceived as time and what we have known as “gravity”. The expansion itself is an illusion because we are stuck within our subjective perception of time. Time doesn’t “flow”, that is a subjective illusion. This conception of time is supported by relativity and it is commonly known as “eternalism”. The big bang didn’t happen at some distant point in the past. There is a point of origin, right “now”, which exists somewhere out there, within the space-time structure of the entire cosmos. It doesn’t expand, it exists.

There is no mystery to dark energy, it is just time.

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