• Nelson Guedes

The Neoconservative Deception

It has become quite apparent that the majority of the planet opposes the global corporate order. Due to this consistent opposition, it has become necessary for corporate owners to deceive the public in order to maintain control of it. The elites in control of globalization, governments and corporations have created a false alternative based on an anarcho-capitalist mold, which is now often referred to as the “alt-right”. While its roots are organic, it has been co-opted by powerful people who are now promoting it as a viable alternative. This alternative is being promoted as a solution to the neoliberal globalist order, but it is nothing but a façade. This supposed alternative does nothing to oppose the global corporate order, it only helps reinforce it.

One of the keys to creating the illusion of an alternative is to promote a false narrative where large governments are the cause of our multiple crisis and then propose a solution where large governments are reduced without ever addressing the key problems, including the vast harmful influence corporations have. This is the alternative based on anarcho-capitalism. While there are numerous problems with large governments, it is the corporate control of large governments that is the most significant problem. A solution that decreases the size of governments has no effect on the corporations controlling the governments in the background. As a result, this deceptive solution does nothing to address the real problems and only creates more conflict and division between people, while giving more power to corporations.

This deceptive alternative is promoted against what they call the “neoliberal” order. The neoliberal order is simply unrestrained global capitalism and corporate colonization combined with social freedoms such as gay marriage, abortion and immigration. The illusion of choice is created by giving us a neoconservative alternative where we still have unrestrained global capitalism and corporate colonization but we have social conservatism instead, with traditional marriages, no abortions and nationalism. They focus on the social aspect of our choices, while disregarding the economic aspect which remains unchanged. By creating alternatives that are only different in ways which don’t affect them and framing them as real alternatives, they create the illusion of choice.

Trump and Brexit are both examples of this false alternative. But they were also very strategic, made to look like real solutions. For example, Trump rejected the TPP, which would have given the corporations even more power over our governments. But the TPP is not really necessary if we get rid of governments altogether, which is the end goal of Trump’s capitalist libertarian philosophy. At the end of the day, Trump is just another elitist billionaire who is in the global corporate game. His TPP strategy further perpetuates the illusion of an alternative. As for Brexit, the strategy is slightly different. The European monetary system restrains the ability of European governments to control their economy, instead putting all that power in the hands of bankers and their corporations. Leaving the Euro is a good strategy to oppose the global corporate order. But Great Britain never abandoned the Pound in favor of the Euro, so they were never fully under the control of the European Union. Instead, Brexit was done to create the perception that anyone who opposes the European Union and other corporate multinational organizations is actually a racist who is against immigrants.

It is crucial for all of us to understand how the people behind the global corporate order are trying to manipulate us, promoting false alternatives to deceive us and derail any potential opposition to their global domination. Our real choices are not between their neoliberalism and their fake neoconservative alternative. Our real choice is between supporting their global corporate order and regaining control of our local economies and governments from the bottom-up. We need to work together, with those immediately around us, in our communities, to take back our local economies and our local governments. We must be mindful of their game.

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