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Independence from the Empire

As Americans sheepishly celebrate their supposed independence, much of the world itches for independence from the multinational American Empire

A rough map of the world with the core in North America and the less influenced regions of Russia, China and the other BRICS countries (Russia and China highlighted for the greater level of independence from it)

Oblivious to the irony of celebrating independence from the British while being completely dependent and subservient to an amorphous multinational corporate empire, many Americans have celebrated independence day with much fanfare and little thought. Meanwhile, in the rest of the planet, billions suffer from the harsh consequences of this empire that enslaves and threatens billions of people, to the barrel of 4,500 nuclear bombs and treasury bonds. Those who submit are enslaved, those who resist are ridiculed, demonized and destroyed.

America is far from the colony that broke away from the British Empire by issuing its own public currency, America has long been hijacked and deformed into the very beast it once sought to overcome and, while it may be true that in that brief period of freedom America was, indeed, "great", it is not far from the truth that #AmericaWasNeverGreat. Now, as Britain votes to exit the European Union, which is being pushed by the same plutocrats in control of the American Empire, we have a glimmer of hope that there is still a potential for the planet to declare independence from the beast in control of America. We have, once again, an irony, where America first declares independence from the British Empire and now Britain declares independence from the American Empire.

Meanwhile, NATO is once again expanding the Empire's bases further and closer to Russia, one of the few places left on Earth not under complete submission to the Empire. Canada is still sheepishly following the Empire, with Trudeau being cheapishly bought with Star Wars memorabilia, like a supposed Jedi being corrupted by a Sith and falling to the dark side. The signs are everywhere that Trudeau is not much different from his predecessor, being much the same except with a nice smile and exceedingly better hair.

Now, with the prospect of a president Trump, a short tempered man who is clearly racist and xenophobic, the world is slowly waking up to the fact that far too much power in the hands of an American president and the keys to the biggest arsenal of weapons in history presents a grave threat to the whole planet. A threat far greater than Hitler ever was. His "presumptive nominee" opponent is in no way better than him, with a dark track record of assisting the plutocrats in their quest for world domination. Clinton has proven to be quite a war hawk. Her involvement in the overthrow of Gaddafi, an elected head of state whose only "mistake" was to create an independent African currency, is on its own damning evidence of her collusion with the shadow organization that is hellbent on taking over the world. As the American Empire pushes forward in the "Middle East", North Africa and Eastern Europe, and the Empire's collusion with ISIS becomes increasingly more evident, the mask of America as the "protector" of the planet is falling, revealing the ugly truth underneath it.

The influence, organization and domination of this secretive Empire is vast and impossible to briefly outline, but evidence of its work can be seen everywhere on Earth. Its goal is nothing short of world domination and complete control over the systems that society needs to survive, including its natural systems. Its core is clearly in North America, home to its many multinational corporations and, of course, its military, which far exceeds in spending compared to the rest of the planet, and which is present throughout the planet on countries and military bases everywhere. Life at the core is much easier than on the rest of the planet, as the Empire is still dependent on the work of many managers in its core, but even there life is getting progressively hard and people are getting progressively restless. It would be helpful if, at the very least, Americans started rejecting the so-called "patriotic" notion that America is great and free, though we see glimmers of hope that Americans are slowly waking up to the scam they have been sold. The core houses the HQs of many of the multinational corporations which control the planet, through the centralized control of essential systems which we depend on to survive. These multinational corporations are the tentacles of the Empire. They are, essentially, the conveniently boundless amorphous organizations that are not restrained by the notion of national borders and, thus, those who seek to rule the world also seek those multinationals to be able to trade freely across the globe without the potential intervention from national and regional governments. Hence, trade agreements and unions, such as the TPP and the European Union, are heavily promoted by the Empire's propaganda machine, in order to further their conquest of Earth.

As Americans celebrate their supposed "independence", they should be asking rather they are indeed truly free, and the rest of the world starts to wonder how it can free itself from the tentacles of the American Empire.

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