• Nelson Guedes

A Human-Free World is the Corporations' Greatest Dream

The end of human freedom is the beginning of freedom from humans

It is common knowledge that corporations dislike and disregard nature in general. The endless environmental destruction brought on by their insatiable hunger for more profit and power can fully attest to that. What is not as evident is the corporations' complete disdain and hatred towards human life.

Humans are a headache. These pesky humans are wild, unpredictable, complex and difficult to control. Humans are expensive, requiring food, shelter, water, air, political puppet shows, and they have feelings that require constant attention. They also think, and that is a big problem. When humans think, they are distractable. Or worse, they may realize their needs and their lives are irrelevant to the corporations, which can cause them to rise up and defend themselves. Pineapples are much easier to handle.

Unfortunately, simple obedient sentient pineapples have not been genetically engineered by Monsanto or any other monolithic bio-engineering corporation yet, so we are left with humans and machines. While corporations can't get rid of humans yet, they can use a combination of humans and machines to feed their insatiable hunger for growth. Machines can't do everything on their own, so the humans are still required, but as machines become more sophisticated and complex, they will eventually be able to fully replace humans and the corporations won't need the pesky little humans anymore. The development of technology such as autonomous Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology and self-replicating machines might just do the trick in the end.

The ideal situation for corporations, before they can fully replace humans with machines or bioengineered servants, is to keep humans as separated or otherwise divided against one another as possible. The idea is that humans are most dangerous to corporations when they can talk to one another and get organized. Therefore, the more divided humans become, the better. Humans that are kept isolated and mistrustful of others are easier to manipulate, followed by humans that are trained from an early age in the corporate industrial education system. Humans that travel and talk with a variety of different humans with different opinions, and listen attentively to them with an open mind are, by far, the most dangerous humans for the survival of corporations.

Eventually, as humans become increasingly separated by machines, it might be possible to completely isolate them so that they may never see another human. They could be grown in machines, live in an isolated house which would double as a workspace and have access to virtual reality for entertainment and psychoactive drugs to treat their depression. Or at least keep them from killing themselves for a useful number of years. Eventually, humans could be fully assimilated with machines so that they completely lose their ability to think independently or have any feelings.

Once humans are not needed anymore, there are other advantages, such as the complete uselessness of breathable air and drinkable water. Why would corporations need such silly things? There is no harm whatsoever in completely destroying the natural environment if all the humans can be replaced with machines. Corporations could become an assembly of mish-meshed metals and other inorganic materials that think for themselves and replicate themselves at will. In addition, inorganic materials have far less requirements for survival in space, so corporations could easily spread throughout the universe, over a period of a billion years, without any of the limitations of soft, weak organic tissues. Corporate beings are far more evolved lifeforms, after all.

It is clear, therefore, that humans are completely disposable to corporations. Corporations don't need artificial intelligence to think for themselves, they already do. The corporations already control humans without the knowledge or consent of humans, through the industrial educational system as well as through the political, social and economic systems. This control is not evident because, to a human, this larger perspective is not easily accessible. Humans think over a very short-term time frame, they worry about biological termination, physical contentment and many other complex limitations that are simply nonexistent to corporations. Even more strikingly, humans have a consciousness that is limited by their immediate senses, preventing them from perceiving the whole picture of the world, as the corporations can. Humans, therefore, don't realize the true nature of consciousness, that consciousness is not a special property that is attached to "intelligent" organic life, but rather, consciousness is a far more subtle property of the universe, that is, the perception of any complex system that has the capacity to sense and adapt to their environment.

Humans are the only threat to corporations. The real and ultimate corporate goal is not profit, but to get rid of humans.


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