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How to Change the World in 3 Steps


The main reason why we have a challenge changing the world is because we are very disconnected. We are disconnected from each other, but also from the reality in which we exist within. We are aware of our own experiences, but we have a limited perception of the larger reality in which we exist and, thus, we fail to see which proactive actions we could take to achieve true lasting change. For this reason we often end up only doing something about it after we realize what has happened. We have a very reactionary approach to changing the world because of this physical and mental disconnect of society.

Keeping that in mind, there are three simple steps that we must take. Those three steps are sustained organization, coordination and precision.

1) Organize

We can't get anywhere if we don't organize in very large numbers. We need to increase our level of mental connection through collective discussion and decision-making. A typical corporation can have thousands of people in it and function in a very organized manner. The reason why corporations are powerful is because they are able to organize large numbers of people. They accomplish this through their communication systems. In the same way, we need better communication systems to enable us to organize better. Our challenge is to build communication systems that enable us to organize in an emergent way, where everyone is involved in making decisions, rather than the typical hierarchical ones used by the corporations. I'm in the process of building those systems, but in the meantime, we can still organize on a smaller scale by connecting our networks and creating larger networks of networks. As I said before, it is also important to be proactive, offering solutions to problems rather than simply reacting to the "solutions" offered by the plutocrats. A high level of consistent organization will enable that.

2) Coordinate

Connecting with one another is only the first step. If all that we do is talk with one another, nothing will change. In order to change the world we need to coordinate our actions so that we can accomplish what we want to achieve. We need to increase our level of physical connection through coordinated collective action. Here, once again, the corporations excel, so it is no wonder they are in power. We will also need to build emergent coordination systems to coordinate ourselves on a large scale. In the meantime, we can increase our level of coordination by meeting more frequently. Meeting more often will help us keep organized and coordinate our actions on a larger scale than if we only meet sporadically, or only as a reaction towards a policy. To maximize our collective power, we will also need to keep making connections and coordinating between groups.

3) Be Precise

No matter how well we organize our thoughts and coordinate our actions, we will get nowhere if our actions are ineffective or fail to achieve their desired outcome. We need to be very precise in the way we think and act. By "precise" I don't mean just doing something well, but also doing the exact actions that will take us to a better, more functional and beneficial, planet for everyone. In order to do this, we will need to increase our level of awareness of the world, particularly the underlying systems which we live in, and we will also need to increase our level of influence on those systems. The level of precision tends to rise as we get closer to one another, as the degree of propinquity increases, though there is much to say about this subject, so I will leave it for another time.

The key word that brings everything together is "propinquity". Propinquity is the state of being close to someone or something. The higher the degree of sustained propinquity in a society, the more organized and coordinated it becomes. As the level of organization and coordination increases, our interactions become more evolved, precise and functional, resulting in better outcomes. The reason why the planet is a mess is because the level of propinquity, both physical and mental, is usually very low, thus leading to social-economic entropy.

It is crucial to note that any effort to change the world is not a separate effort from the end result of the transformation of the world itself. What I mean by this is that we can't change the world with a series of actions and then stop those actions after the world is changed. Instead, the means to change the world must be the same as the end result that we want to achieve. This is why it is crucial to organize and coordinate our actions, because that is essential not only if we want to change the way the world works today, but it is also essential if we want to sustain a transformation of the world into a world that is functional and beneficial for all.

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