• Nelson Guedes

10 Reasons Why The Internet is Broken


The Internet is like a broken brain. It's like the brain of one of the infinite monkeys writing the work of Shakespeare. It's not working.

I could go into psychological, sociological and neurological details, but I will be quick because 38% of you already went somewhere else.

There Are Too Many Distractions

Tabs, pointless ads, more interesting information on the side, flashing stuff, things flying around everywhere... you get the point.

Too Many Words

A lot of people are wordy and not to the point. Sometimes it is important to say more about something, but sometimes it is not necessary.

Where's the Evidence?

Far too much of the web is hot air. Too much is opinion. Too little is back by science or logical argumentation.

Everyone is Talking With Me and Nobody is Talking With Me

Sometimes you try to get things through to people, but it seems like nobody is listening. Other times you get so many messages it takes 2 days to reply.

Too Isolating

Yes, it is weird. The internet connects us to the whole planet, but we miss out on what is around us.

Too Self-reassuring

People tend to cluster in groups online that agree with them and not be exposed to people who they disagree with. Also, Google and Facebook pushes people into isolated clusters with their algorithms. That's sociologically dangerous.

Where Did I Read That?

I read something interesting and I'm trying to recall it, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

This Information Version Number 1328615965198375913874591837513987

You can read so many versions of the same information written in so many different ways that you might end up wasting time going through the same information multiple times and losing out on new stuff.

Complete Lack of Organization

Too many apps and websites doing the same things, too much information with little organization, too much redundancy leading to dilution.

Too Time Consuming

It takes too long to get anything meaningful accomplished.

I'm doing something about this. The Internet needs to be organized. I need organization and I can't handle this anymore. If you want that too, follow me and keep in touch.

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