Evolution and the Emergence of Life and Consciousness
Towards an Intelligent Planetary Form of Life


Research and advances in numerous fields and technologies are converging to give us new insight into the nature of existence, life and the universe as a whole. This newfound understanding can lead us to a deeper level of social-economic organization and the creation of an intelligent planetary organism. This paper is an introduction to the connection between physics, biology, consciousness and the self-organization of the universe, the principles that govern the emergence of life and consciousness, as well as the evolution of planetary life.

Collaborative Politics and the Universal Collaborative Model

A Simple Model for Global Peace



All the challenges that we face on Earth today are symptoms of underlying problems in our systems. We live in a complex planet with a rich history. Our civilization, however, is not fully aware of the complexities of the systems which govern this planet. As such, we have so far been unable to successfully optimize our systems so that we can live in prosperity and peace with one another. Our challenge is to gain a deep understanding of our planet and how we interact with it, so that we can improve our actions and govern ourselves in an optimal way that leads to global peace.


As levels of social-economic instability increase around the world, it becomes increasingly critical for us to develop a model that can stabilize social-economic interactions and lead us to more symbiotic ways of relating and sustainable ways of living. We must develop an ideal State that must be able to balance the influence and needs of all stakeholders involved. Also, in order for this State to be legitimate, this State must become a perfect reflection of who we are. The core premise of the model is that our influence and needs must be balanced. We need a mechanism by which we can balance each other's influence and needs relative to one another and our environment. This mechanism is provided by the systems described in this model. This paper is an introduction to this model and the political theory behind it.


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Law as an Emergent Natural Phenomenon

How Lessons from Indigenous Law Can Help Us Save the International Legal Order



Increasing instability in foreign relations threatens to breakdown the decentralized international legal order. In this paper, I examine the natural decentralized emergence of law, the difficulties the international legal order is facing and the sources of instability. I will then tap into insights from decentralized indigenous legal orders and use those insights to address the difficulties the international legal order is facing. Finally, I will briefly present a solution that creates a stable decentralized international legal order.

The Standard City Charter Plan


Smart Collaborative Banking System

Designing a Stable Economic System​



In the aftermath of the global banking crisis of 2008 and the years of economic volatility that have followed, interest in alternatives to the current banking system is increasing and solutions are being sought. This brief paper addresses the underlying issues that gave rise to the economic crisis and presents an alternative system that is designed to prevent future crisis and enable us to continue developing our civilization.

Reality as a Complete Network of Information


This paper provides an introduction to the nature of reality based on a metaphysical theory of everything grounded on networks of information and interaction. I will cover some of the basics, such as the relationship between mathematics and reality, and a brief explanation of the nature of mind, body, and consciousness. My practical goal is to develop an informative theory that serves as a foundation and a guide for the unification of multiple disciplines and, thus, be instrumental in the development of science and of new technologies such as advanced virtual reality, quantum computers, and distributed government systems as well as integrated networks of disciplines and polymathic artificial intelligence.

The Missing Piece

Restructuring Society as a Partnership of Citizens

Summary of the Housing Problem and Solution